Seller Republic Android App

Seller Republic is fully mobile responsive and created to be ultra-easy to use on the go. 

As a web app Seller Republic is designed to be responsive on all screen sizes, including tablet and monitors making it is easy to work with Seller Republic Repricing, Analytics and Reporting from all devices.

To show Seller Republic as an app on an android device:

1. Open Chome on your chosen Android device.

2. Go to

3. Click the 3 dots at the top right of the screen.

4. Choose 'Add to Home screen'.

That's it. You will now see Seller Republic as a web app on your Android device.

Amazon Repricing Android App

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How To Fix & What You Can Do - Amazon Blocks Restrictions & Account Deletions

What to do when you’re going round in circles with Amazon Seller Support & Seller Performance

As an Amazon Seller, it won’t be long before you have your first brush with Seller Support or the more ominous Seller Performance. Seller Support is the customer service team helping to keep Amazon Sellers on track in Amazon Seller Central. The problem is they are often misinformed, have poor communication skills or even a poor grasp of the English language. Think as Seller Performance as the so-called Police of Sellers on the Amazon platform. The problem is that they can turn from Police into the Gestapo. 

Amazon Block Suspensions and Warnings - What can I do

Seller Support usually has impressively quick response times. These are often within 4 hours if you remember to mark your query as urgent (if available). If your query is not urgent, it is still a good idea to tick this box. As often by ticking it means you get …

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Amazon Repricing Updates May/June 2019

Amazon Repricing Updates May/June 2019

Another busy month of development propels Seller Republic to the forefront of Repricing. Combining continued ease of use with advanced features, set us apart from the competition. 

A host of product enhancements includes:

  • Improved Backordered product support
  • Usability and Functionality enhancements
  • Analytics and Reporting including CSV and PDF downloads.
  • Repricing Video Tutorials and Support

Backordered Products: Inactive and backordered product support is now improved. Not only are we able to reprice more backordered products during Amazon reconciling. We also now show notifications to explain a products current status on Amazon. This is particularly useful for not only newly restocked products but also to identify restricted or removed products by Amazon, so that you can quickly address issues.

Usability and Functionality enhancements: To maintain our ease of use whilst adding advanced features we have slimmed down the 'Add Strategy' page so that the advanced …

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4 Trends That Will Shape E-Commerce in 2019

In 1994, someone sold a Sting CD to a friend on NetMarket as the first verified e-commerce sale. By 2020, e-commerce sales will top four trillion dollars.

With e-commerce continuing to represent bigger slices of the total retail market, companies are jostling for market shares like never before. E-commerce changes as fast as the internet does; keeping up with trends isn’t the easiest, but a modern website design and clear product descriptions that appear on-trend could land you the winning postings that rack up clicks, stars, and sales.

Seller Tool Trends

Here are 4 trends that will shape e-commerce in 2019:

1. B2B Market Solutions to help Smaller E-Commerce Succeed

In traditional retail spaces, if you want to compete with a giant, you open a store next to them or on the other side of town. Competing with e-commerce giants is a different battle entirely. You need to find ways to get …

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Amazon’s Automated Repricer: Why you shouldn't use it.

Amazon’s Automated Repricer: Why you shouldn't use it.

In 2016, Amazon released its own automated inventory repricing tool dubbed “Automated pricing” which was available and free for all sellers with a professional account. I am guessing Amazon saw how much its third-party sellers relied on external repricing tools. If you are reading this then I am assuming you are familiar with what a Repricer is and does but if not, a Repricer uses rules or algorithms to automatically change prices based on inputs that you set. It can reprice a listing on Amazon up or down depending on the competitor's price. If you are not familiar with Amazon with Amazon's automated Repricer you can watch this Youtube video from Amazon here

Amazon Automate Repricing

Reason Amazon launched its Automated Repricer

There is no doubt Amazon puts its customer, be it its third-party sellers or, the buyers who constantly or seasonally buy on Amazon …

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Recommended Repricing Strategies Including Private Label Algorithmic AI & Arbritrage Win Buy Box

Max Price Reset

It is recommended to turn on Max Price reset on all listings. This ensures your prices are pushed to their max once per day, middle of the night, when little to no sales are coming through. This allows us to continually reprice to find your optimum selling price. Max Price Reset is found in the ´Advanced Price Reset Options´ section when adding an AI strategy, or on opening any Win Buy Box strategy.

Algorithmic AI Repricing (Climb The Amazon Search Rankings) - Private Label

*Although Algorithmic price optimization is generally used for Private label products, it can also be used for any listing including Arbitrage.

Algorithmic Repricing is effectively your AI robot working 24/7 365 days a year without rest. Give your strategy a name ´AI Boost 1´ for example. Choose a time-period to evaluate sales history and price points (please note Seller Republic only begins pulling …

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Intelisearch - Intelligent Repricing Optimisation

We like to keep things simple and sometimes the simplest of things are what helps.

Intellisearch does just this. Looking for a product to Reprice but unsure of its exact name or where it is located? With Intellisearch you can search by ‘any’ or ‘part’ of the product title and Seller Republic will bring you a list of all available products which mention that word or phrase regardless of position.

Particularly useful if you need to bulk set a strategy to a sub-group of products using Assign a Strategy to Multiple Listings

Easy Amazon Repricing

Have a feature request? Please contact support.

eBay Repricing Software

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