After the departure of the great Mr. Bezos, some things have changed in the Amazon platform. Some things are not. Seller Support sometimes still lacks and for this sometimes we need to escalate which you can now do directly with the below contacts depending on your need. 

Amazon Seller Complaints - Selling in the UK:

UK Amazon Seller Support Escalations:


UK Telephone:

♦ UK. +44-2070-8479-11

UK Amazon Seller Support Direct to Team Escalations: 

♦ Seller Performance: 
♦ Appeals and Policy Violations: 
♦ IP Right and Infringements: 
♦ EU Banking and Payments: 
♦ Plug Problems. 
♦ Disbursement: 
♦ Payment after Account Suspension.

Amazon Seller Complaints - Selling in the US:

US Amazon Seller Support Escalations:


US Telephone:

♦ +1-206-922-0880

US Amazon Seller Support Direct to Team Escalations: 

♦ Performance Team: 
♦ Appeals and Policy Violations: 
♦ Seller Fulfilled Prime Account Suspension: 
♦ Listing Suspension: 
♦ Listing Abuse Team: 
♦ IP Infringement Notice: 
♦ Restricted Product Suspension: 
♦ Product Safety Concerns: 
♦ Product Review Moderator: 
♦ Professional Health Care Program: 
“Plan B” Product Approval Requests: 
♦ Funds Queries: 
♦ Disbursement Queries: 
♦ Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation Program: 
♦ SFP account freeze: 
♦ FBA inventory removal: 
♦ Reporting a listing violation: 
♦ Reporting malicious attacks: 

When Amazon Seller Complaints hit a brick wall our top trick, is for when all else fails. As we know legal action against a company of Amazon´s size is usually futile. But have you thought of your local politician? Your local MP or politician depending on the location often has walk-in sessions and contacts to address issues such as these. Political clout is sometimes easier to obtain than you realise and can ensure the attention that you and your case deserve and usually the outcome that you need.