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B2B Seller Republic is strategically aligned in the Repricing Optimization sector where it handles and submits several million price changes per day.  Our development, marketing, and operations team have successfully bought Seller Republic to significant attention thus far. In business since 2015 with a solid customer base and a product loved by our clients globally. Repricing has been used for many decades in various global organizations, from airlines to petroleum companies. Seller Republic has developed this technology further to bring it to the World of E-commerce and small, medium and large businesses alike.

Main served markets are Amazon and eBay, as well as bespoke corporate solutions. Strategically aligned via marketplaces allows a catch of approximately 70% of online sales globally. Seller Republics' product/s use Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and fit in the E-commerce tools niche. The main business, Repricing results in a general increase in production and consumption of products. Sales increase by approximately 30% and profits by 15%.

Seller Republic is in a prime position for exponential growth. The Amazon B2B market alone is 1.2 million businesses and this excludes the general e-commerce niche and eBay that handles similar business numbers, throughout the World. The potential in the market requires funding to market the business and increase the rate of growth in a highly profitable sector, at its beginning phase.

2018-2019 saw Seller Republic diversify into a suite of e-commerce tools from Analytics/Reporting, Profit & Cost Calculators and the launch of eBay Repricing. This is in addition to our acclaimed Amazon Repricing Solution and puts Seller Republic at the forefront of e-commerce tools and potential in this sector.

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