Amazon Repricing Updates May/June 2019

Another busy month of development propels Seller Republic to the forefront of Repricing. Combining continued ease of use with advanced features, set us apart from the competition. 

A host of product enhancements includes:

  • Improved Backordered product support
  • Usability and Functionality enhancements
  • Analytics and Reporting including CSV and PDF downloads.
  • Repricing Video Tutorials and Support

Backordered Products: Inactive and backordered product support is now improved. Not only are we able to reprice more backordered products during Amazon reconciling. We also now show notifications to explain a products current status on Amazon. This is particularly useful for not only newly restocked products but also to identify restricted or removed products by Amazon, so that you can quickly address issues.

Usability and Functionality enhancements: To maintain our ease of use whilst adding advanced features we have slimmed down the 'Add Strategy' page so that the advanced features are contained in an advanced section. Great for those who want to go a little deeper with their repricing options...

Analytics Repricing and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting including CSV and PDF downloads: All accounts as standard now include price submission graphs on individual listings. The graphs are also downloadable as either a CSV or PDF. Particularly useful for our corporate clients. 

Video Tutorials and Support: Due to user demand we have polished up our tutorials and added video tutorials. In the video tutorials, we show how easy it is to get an entire account set up and repricing within a minute. 

Have a feature idea or support request? We would love to hear it. Please contact support.

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